Georgio Schultz – Party Rocker (Judah Darenville Remix)

Georgio Schultz is a Dutch producer who's born and raised in the city of Haarlem and began his career since 1992. He is a autodidact musician and is influenced by music styles like Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock, Pop and many others. He produces house tracks, but also works as a freelance musician for advertising companies. Since 1996 he is also became active in dj-ing and started playing records in a local club called "Stalker" were he further developed his mixing skills. Georgio kicks off his debut on the Effektive roster with his track: ''Party Rocker''. Party Rocker is a nice house record with an old school feeling to it. Supported by an awesome vocal sample, the track combines groove with a nice amount of funk. His trademark is his versatility. Georgio likes the challenge to produce in various styles and achieve succes, which made him quite successful for so far. Lounge, Trance, Clubby, Techno, in every style there is a track of him to mention that a true connoisseur knows to mention. The track also contains remixes by: Georgio Star, Dennis Quin, Miguel O'Syrah, Levy Pro, Tom Schiphorst, Judah Darenville and Jerry Anthony. We're glad to have this awesome track on Effektive and even more happy with such a diversity of remixes.

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